Rosy petal


Mary knew this was a special day. The sun beams were penetrating the cleart glass of the windows, drowning the whole house in an enormous quantity of light. Everything around was peaceful and quiet. Mary was feeling joyful and excited about finally having a day just for herself.

„I will go for a walk around the park” she said to herself. „I will take advantage of this beautiful day just to enjoy myself”. She liked talking alone. The absence of people had never been a problem for her, for she had been a loner for the majority part of her life.

She put on her gorgeous flowery dress, her bright red sandals and a bonnet. She was beautiful. There was something in her character, in her personality, in her way of being that would attract you like a magnet. It was such a shame that she had never managed to keep someone around her for long.

She began wandering down the streets, smiling at every man and woman that she came across with, spreading happiness everywhere. She admired the birds’ song and the innocent look of a puppy which was waiting for its owner outside a store.

As she entered the park, a rosy cute little flower fell in her fair curly hair. She took it with her tiny fingers and put it close to her nose. That extravagant fragrance amazed her. Mary couldn’t believe that a simple flower like that would assemble a luxurious French perfume.

„It looks just like you” a man sitting on a bench said remarked.

„I beg your pardon?”

„The flower. It represents you perfectly. Small yet powerful. Naive but intelligent. Fragile yet with an utter strength inside of you. Reckless and wild. Rebellious. Sweet. Lovable.”

She remained stiff as a board. Who was this man and why was he saying all those things about her? From where or whom did he know her? As she turned her confused eyes, she saw two beautiful eyes, dark as the sea at night and a mouth of which’s lips spelled the word of love.

„Who are you?” she mumbled.

„I am the one you are looking for so desperately. I have seen you a few times, walking through the park, pretending not to care. You fake being amazed by all life’s little things, but inside you are breaking. You want to feel loved and love…”

A lonely tear fell from her watery eyes. And then another one, and another, and another. Soon, she was a wet blanket. He embraced her and softly continued:

„…and I’m here to love you. I have been thinking about you like a madman. You have become a part of my soul although we have never exchanged one word. You are like a ghost that haunts my thoughts and dreams. I… I think I love you.”

He kissed her. Suddenly, all her tears froze into shiny pearls that, altogether, made a splendid necklace. Mary felt a powerful force that lifted their feet of the ground, but she was not terrified. Just by being held in his arms, she felt protected. She had finally come to acknowledge was she was longing for: the power of love.


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  1. white pearl ,black oceans ….like…sonata artica’s white pearl black ocean song 😀 their masterpiece if you ask me .. „i was born and raised by the sea,shy yet proud ,learn to stay away from the crowd … ” *whistles* keeep up the good work (^ .^)

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