Untitled – for the moment


Sometimes I feel like I’d like to run away and never look back. I’ve become sick and tired of the same old faces, faces which can only express failure and disappointment. I don’t want to become one of those robots, stuck in routine, doing the same damn thing over and over and over and over again. I want to get away from these crowded roads, full with angry drivers who are always in a hurry, not thinking about the others that are around them.

I want to run barefoot in the green fields, leaving all these concerns behind, forgetting that there are worries in the world. I want to stop caring about every little unimportant thing and start breathing like I’ve never breathed before. I want that clean air to invade my lungs, to purify every cell in my body, to make me born again. I want that air to fill every little space inside me, to replace the old and abused one, the one I was hanging on for so long. I didn’t let it go until now, I’ve become used to everything that was in the comfort zone, that it actually started to hurt.

I want to start all over again, just like a person who’s been close to death and who has been given a second chance. I want to start living, I want to do all the things I’ve always said I wanted to do. But I know that’s there’s going to be some time to pass until then. Still, I’m not going to let the grayness of this city cover me up too and make me colorless as all things are here. My heart’s as bright as a rainbow and as restless as a wild horse. And my soul… my soul’s crazy!


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    • Ar fi minunat dacă am putea face şi noi asta, de fiecare dată când vrei să poţi să începi o altă etapă a vieţii tale.

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