Let me burn


Sometimes it’s hard for me to find the right words to say. It’s so hard it makes me angry. I wish I could tell you so many and yet… my mouth doesn’t want to open. It’s like the damn thing has life on its own and acts rebelliously against my will. I could try to write it but my hands have joined the club: they all want to stop me.

Stop me from what? From making a complete fool of myself. From saying or writing something that might have no sense, something that I shouldn’t say, something that no one is allowed to know.

But still my heart longs to tell you, my heart yearns for you. It’s like a fire burning right inside my chest, a fire to which no fireman could reach. It’s so well hidden there that the cold breath of the wind couldn’t tame it nor the frozen fingers of snow could annihilate it.

And I like it! I celebrate every second of its burning because it makes me feel alive. Although my heart beats are faster than before, I’m not scared. I’m ready to jump in head first, without thinking about the consequences,  without over-thinking my own actions. I’m as brave as a lion and as strong as a rock. No one can stop me from running towards what I want. But do you know what I want?


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  1. ..nici eu nu o puteam spune mai bine :)… ceva de care ne impiedicam cu totii la un moment dat 🙂
    have a gr8 life girl:*

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